Durus delivers

long-lasting protection

you can trust.

Working in a corrosive environment? Trust us to keep all your systems running smoothly.

With reinforced cases and a variety of sealing compounds Durus provides protection for all of your mechanical system needs. From high temperature applications to extremely cold conditions, Durus provides lasting protection.

Durus Quality Features

Durus Oil Seals

Engineered tough with a variety of elastomers appropriate for all of your mechanical systems.


Reinforced case materials provide durable protection against seal deformation and installation damage.


Superior packaging in individual air-tight plastic creating a longer shelf life for your seals.


Intelligent numbering system offers valuable information at a glance. Never misplace a seal again.


Precise and effective fit with shaft and bore sizes in accordance with relevant standards.

Get lasting protection you can trust.

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Durus seals are built to last in any application.

Need a solution quickly? Durus Oil Seals are readily available and our numbering system makes it easy to find the exact seal you need. Questions? Our free resources make it easy to put the lasting value of Durus to work for you.