Why replace a worn shaft?

Repair it instead.

Why replace a  
  worn shaft?

Repair it instead.

Durus simplifies shaft repair so you can get back to work.

Our shaft repair sleeves allow you to get more life out of a worn shaft. Grooved shafts causing leaks... and headaches? Simply repair the surface with our innovative, easy to use sleeve and avoid the hassle of long downtimes and frustrating repairs.

Why Repair with Durusleeves?

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Repair worn shafts in a quick, cost effective way.


Avoid the hassle of disassembled machinery and long downtimes.


Installation is easy - instructions and a tool are included!

Looking for a specific shaft repair sleeve? Download our listing of available styles and types.

Get lasting protection you can depend on.

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Durus seals are built to last in any application.

Need a solution quickly? Durus Oil Seals are readily available and our numbering system makes it easy to find the exact seal you need. Questions? Our free resources make it easy to put the lasting value of Durus to work for you.