Durus offers a seal

for every need.

Lubricants stay put. Contaminants retreat.

Our reinforced carbon steel cases and application specific elastomers provide long lasting protection in even the toughest situations.

What makes Durus Oil Seals Different?

Durus-Oil-Seal Lg


Customized to any application with a variety of sealing compounds and materials.


Intelligent numbering system with valuable information at a glance.


Reinforced cases for increased durability at a competitive price.


Superior packaging in durable, air-tight plastic for an increased shelf life.


Inch & Metric Bores for use in a variety of applications.


Availability across a variety of oil seal sizes and styles.

Looking for a specific oil seal? Review our standard seal styles [PDF].

Get lasting protection you can depend on.

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Durus seals are built to last in any application.

Need a solution quickly? Durus Oil Seals are readily available and our numbering system makes it easy to find the exact seal you need. Questions? Our free resources make it easy to put the lasting value of Durus to work for you.